Our postgraduate programmes aim to provide training at the highest levels to future scholars and teachers of ancient philosophy. Some examples of London postgraduates who went on to secure academic positions include:

Myles Burnyeat
(Graduate studies at UCL, 1963-1964; appointments at UCL, Cambridge and Oxford)

Elena Cagnoli Fiecconi
(MPhil. Stud. at UCL; appointment at UCL)

Amber D. Carpenter
(PhD at KCL; appointments at Yale-NUS College and York)

Chiara Ciampa
(PhD at KCL; fixed-term appointment at Howard University)

Ian Crystal
(PhD at KCL; appointment at Louisiana State University)

Fay Edwards
(PhD at KCL; appointment at Washington University in St Louis, Missouri)

Stephen Everson
(PhD at KCL; appointment at York)

Peter Gallagher
(PhD at KCL; appointments at Heythrop College London and Centre Sèvres Paris)

Claudio García Ehrenfeld
(PhD at KCL; appointment at Instituto de Investigaciones Filológicas, UNAM, Mexico City)

Tania Gergel
(PhD at KCL; appointment as Senior Research Fellow in Psychological Medicine at KCL)

Andrew Gregory
(PhD at UCL; appointment at UCL)

Margaret Hampson
(PhD at UCL; appointment at St Andrews)

Kyo-Sun Koo
(PhD at KCL; appointments at Chung-Ang University, Sejong University and Jeonbuk National Univeristy)

Anthony Long
(PhD at UCL; appointments at Otago, Nottingham, UCL, Liverpool and Berkeley)

Taichi Miura
(PhD at KCL; appointment at Chubu University)

Attila Németh
(PhD at RHUL; appointments as Fellow at Harvard, Center for Hellenic Studies; Senior Researcher at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences)

Nicole Ooms Renard
(PhD at KCL; appointment at Instituto de Investigaciones Filológicas, UNAM, Mexico City)

Katharine O’Reilly
(MPhil. Stud. at KCL; appointment at Toronto Metropolitan University)

David Preston
(PhD at RHUL; appointment at RHUL)

Pauliina Remes
(PhD at KCL; appointment at Uppsala)

Ricardo Salles
(PhD at KCL; appointment at Instituto de Investigaciones Filosóficas, UNAM, Mexico City)

David Sedley
(PhD at UCL; appointment at Cambridge)

Saloni de Souza
(MPhil at KCL; appointments as Associate Lecturer and Keeling postdoctoral Research Associate at UCL; Posdoctoral Researcher at Heinrich Heine University)

Yannis Stephanou
(PhD at KCL; appointment at National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)

Jorge Torres
(PhD at KCL; appointment as Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Bern)

Dimitrios Vasilakis
(PhD at KCL; appointment at University of Ioannina)

Daniel Vázquez
(PhD at KCL; appointment at Mary Immaculate College, Limerick)

Ellisif Wasmuth
(MPhil. Stud. at KCL; appointment at the University of Essex)

Raphael Woolf
(PhD at KCL; appointments at Harvard and KCL)